Flash Mob Performance by The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters are really the best surprise entertainers in the UK right now. This is a cool video where the Singing Waiters aren’t performing their classic (and popular!) “Singing Waiters” act, but doing a fantastic flash mob performance. If you ask me, that’s at least as good! I just love those guys and their talent!

Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables


Furniture made from recycled wood enjoys an increasing popularity not only in the United Kingdom. There are several reasons for this.

Recycles wood does not only look beautiful with its natural imperfections. It is a great way to do something for the environment as well.

According to several industry experts, furniture made from reclaimed wood is among the major style trends for 2016.

In recent times, several furniture makers in the United Kingdom emerged in the promising reclaimed wood furniture design market. Among the forefront of those firms is Mac & Wood, a furniture designer from London UK that has already established a good reputation. Mac & Wood offers bespoke wood furniture such as a reclaimed wood dining table, wooden benches, coffee tables and recently also meeting tables.

What sets Mac & Wood apart from some other players in this industry is their unique combination of reclaimed wood and brushed steel in their designs. The furniture maker is now also offering furniture frames in different colours.

Whether you are looking for a stylish furniture set for your kitchen, dining room or outdoor area, there is no way around reclaimed wood in 2016. Get ready to experience the charm and beauty of reclaimed wood!

A Tip For Shop Owners, Online or Retail

small business-store-ownerIf you’re like me and like the frugal life, you’re probably (like me) always looking into all kinds of things where you can save the one or the other dime.

Obviously, cutting down on expenses and looking to waste less time with unnecessary tasks is even more important when you happen to be a shop or business owner.

One of those things that always causes me headaches, countless wasted time and last but not least needlessly spent money is the entire invoicing process. Except that there are several problems with it…

It starts with that you have to print out invoices and then mail them to your customers or suppliers. This alone will usually take several days. On the other end it will then take another stretch of time until your invoices will be processed by the recipient. Because of all those hassles it can often take considerably long until all bills are paid.

Several months ago, my good friend Dori told me about how she is using electronic invoices with her crafting business. I immediately realised that this is almost as revolutionary as email. The electronic invoicing speeds up everything and it also helps to save on expenses. (If you happen to have a large shop you may even require extra staff just for this!).

So if you are a shop owner and want to speed up things and save some money all at the same time I can highly recommend that you look into electronic invoicing too!

An Amazing Holiday: The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

Photo: Atlantis, The Palm is courtesy of TripAdvisor

If you want to have the holiday of a lifetime, you should check out The Atlantis in Dubai. This fantastic hotel will sure grant you and your family a vacation experience unlike you could get anywhere else on this planet!

How about the amazing underwater suites where you can get up-close and personal with the sea-world and its magic critters right outside your window?

What’s so special about Dubai is that it’s in the middle of the Arab desert. So any of the fantastic beaches and places you will find there are of usually man-made! A holiday vacation in Dubai, especially a week or two in The Atlantis with all its luxury and the great and spectacular service will definitely make for a holiday that no-one will ever forget.