A Tip For Shop Owners, Online or Retail

small business-store-ownerIf you’re like me and like the frugal life, you’re probably (like me) always looking into all kinds of things where you can save the one or the other dime.

Obviously, cutting down on expenses and looking to waste less time with unnecessary tasks is even more important when you happen to be a shop or business owner.

One of those things that always causes me headaches, countless wasted time and last but not least needlessly spent money is the entire invoicing process. Except that there are several problems with it…

It starts with that you have to print out invoices and then mail them to your customers or suppliers. This alone will usually take several days. On the other end it will then take another stretch of time until your invoices will be processed by the recipient. Because of all those hassles it can often take considerably long until all bills are paid.

Several months ago, my good friend Dori told me about how she is using electronic invoices with her crafting business. I immediately realised that this is almost as revolutionary as email. The electronic invoicing speeds up everything and it also helps to save on expenses. (If you happen to have a large shop you may even require extra staff just for this!).

So if you are a shop owner and want to speed up things and save some money all at the same time I can highly recommend that you look into electronic invoicing too!