Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables


Furniture made from recycled wood enjoys an increasing popularity not only in the United Kingdom. There are several reasons for this.

Recycles wood does not only look beautiful with its natural imperfections. It is a great way to do something for the environment as well.

According to several industry experts, furniture made from reclaimed wood is among the major style trends for 2016.

In recent times, several furniture makers in the United Kingdom emerged in the promising reclaimed wood furniture design market. Among the forefront of those firms is Mac & Wood, a furniture designer from London UK that has already established a good reputation. Mac & Wood offers bespoke wood furniture such as a reclaimed wood dining table, wooden benches, coffee tables and recently also meeting tables.

What sets Mac & Wood apart from some other players in this industry is their unique combination of reclaimed wood and brushed steel in their designs. The furniture maker is now also offering furniture frames in different colours.

Whether you are looking for a stylish furniture set for your kitchen, dining room or outdoor area, there is no way around reclaimed wood in 2016. Get ready to experience the charm and beauty of reclaimed wood!